Garware Balbhavan, Pune, India.

Music, Dance & Drama

Drama performance at gathering

Drama performance at gathering

Dance performance at gathering

Dance performance at gathering

Singing, dancing, acting are forms of art and expression. These performing arts are very essential in the upbringing of a child. It is a way of self-expression and provides self-satisfaction while giving pleasure to others. Studying music and the arts elevates children's education, expands students' horizons, and teaches them to appreciate the wonder of life. Thus these arts should be an integral part of child’s education. It helps in child’s personality development.


Children are taught various songs and poems at Balbhavan. These songs are chosen from the collection of great poets like Sarita Padaki, Shanta Shelke, Mangesh Padgaokar, Vinda Karandikar, Ravindranath Tagore etc. These songs are especially written for kids. Last 15-20 minutes on each day are scheduled for singing together these meaningful songs. Tai often explains the meaning of song. Chimnu tai chya pila…(Marathi), Pampune kele sabnache fuge…(Marathi), Mazya botat jadu aahe…(Marathi), Hawa ka na koi majhab hai…(Hindi), Where the mind is without fear…(English) are some of the favorite songs.

We have published two albums consisting of children's songs.
1) Jhuljhul Gani
2) Ivali Ivali Chandani
These are available as cassettes and CD's for sale at Balbhavan.

Songs are also taught as per age group.

Small age group (3 years to 5 years) are taught small rhymes, Abhinay geete (acting while singing songs), small prayers etc. Some of the songs are:

Middle age group (6 years to 8 years): Some of the songs are:

Higher age group (8 years to 12 years) is taught meaningful Marathi, Hindi and English songs, prayers and group songs. Some of the songs are:

These songs and poems are from album Zulzul Gani and Evali Evali chandani published by Balbhavan consisting of children's songs. These are available as cassettes and CDs for sale at Balbhavan.


Like drawing, dancing is also a natural instinct of any human being. It is his way of expressing joy and happiness. Dancing is an activity that gets the mind and body together. A rhythmic movement according to the music and lyrics also helps in building concentration. Above all dancing is sheer fun. So the dance activity is also part of Balbhavan’s regular activities. Free style dancing, folk dances like Koli Nrutya, Garba, Bhangada, Shetakari nrutya, semi-classical dancing etc. are some of the dance forms taught at Balbhavan.


Storytelling is one of the favorite activities and creating drama out of it gives it an additional dimension. These small acts are often performed in front of other groups. Such activities are important to make kids bold enough to stand up in front of people and express their feeling. It gives them that feeling of self confidence. Sometimes kids perform in annual gathering. Kids are allowed to perform anything and everything they wish. In case of higher age group, kids above 8 years, the process of such performance is like this: First, kids go to the library from where they get the basic storyline for their drama. Then the story is created and the dialogues are written with help from tai. Some time kids design their own costumes. In Balbhavan, ready-made costumes are strictly not allowed. Each year tai and the kids create drapery and required property for the gathering performance.