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A few interesting websites

Here is a list of some good websites (we think) that you may like too! All are child-friendly!! Shri. Arvind Gupta's site with lots of online books and easy-to-make toys A fun site with games, jokes, stories, songs and more
Chateau Meddybemps Don't let the funny sitename discourage you. They have got fun and games for all ages.
Submitted by Yogini
Kids R Green Submitted by Apurva. Apurva says "This is a wonderful site which I have visited recently. You will find interesting things such as books, gifts, screen-savers etc. It helps to create awareness towards environment in a friendly manner. You will find many options such as Let's do it, Green games, Celebrate a day, Tree, Join the club etc. Though the site is meant for kids it is useful for parents too."
NASA dictionary A nice and simple picture dictionary from NASA
National Geographic National Geographic's site for kids
PBS Kids If you REALLY want to watch cartoons, here is a list of some good ones!
Scholastic Kids Another fun site for kids and parents.
Submitted by Yogini
Starfall Kids can have fun reading on this site.
Also a good resource for teachers, parents and home schooling.
Submitted by Yogini
Eklavya Here are some amazingly illustrated books on this site.
Also have a overall look at Eklavya's work in innovative education.
Vishnu Chinchalkar ( A must watch website of an eminent artist Mr. Vishnu Chinchalkar (September 1917 to July 2000) popularly known as 'Guruji'. His paintings, illustrations, sketches, sculptures, portraits and his experimental work in art with waste material is inspirational visual treat. Vishnu Chinchalkar ran a popular art column ‘Khel-Khel mein’ for children. An important outcome of it was to see alphabets in twigs and learning to draw from alphabets. These articles were edited & published in book form. This book 'Akshar Chitre' has been published by Kaja Kaja Maru publication of Garware Balbhavan, Pune.
PDF of this book is available here at ↓

Hey, do let us know if you know of any good sites. We'll try to include them on this page.